Birds of Wisdom by Jamal Abdul Rahim

Birds of Wisdom is the name of my exhibition which highlights the world of birds. Since old times birds used to be a symbol of peace and love. But taking a closer look to them may give us more details on their relations together, movements, manners, and habits which can be very elegant and decent. They have their own language and philosophy in life; it just needs some observation and meditation to get it. They are not just birds, they are Wisemen.

The main art piece in the exhibition has the same name. It represents a group of young birds around the BIRD OF WISDOM learning from its experience and listening to its wisdom.

The work consists of 15 pieces of art, 14 birds in different poses but almost same size, representing the young bird students, each has its own movement revealing its character, and 1 bigger bird representing the bird of wisdom, in a very modern, simple and soft design.

This set up of this artwork is free; anyone can share the artist his point of view and feelings; anyone can arrange the work differently according to his/her taste and mood.
The birds can be arranged vertically, horizontally or even in a circle, all in the same level or in different levels.  Use your own imagination and every time the arrangement changes, the whole design changes as well.

The stone used in this work is called Bardiglio marble or Bardiglio Imperial marble. It is grey and has crystals inside.

Hint about the stone:

This kind of Marble forms when limestone is compressed and heated by the natural rock-forming processes so that the grains re crystallize. As the marble forms the calcite crystals lock together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. These crystals give marble its natural luster.

The marble veins are formed by inclusions of other non-calcite minerals. Bardiglio marble is quarried in Italy. The Grey color and beautiful grain of the stone is highly prized in architecture and art.


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