Connect to Disconnect to Connect by Hamad Al Saab & Ali Sultan

Disconnection from someone or something does not necessarily mean closing all channels. Sometimes, we tend to disconnect to connect with a thought, an idea or simply with ourselves. Connection becomes an essence to our life. We need water, electricity, telephone, Internet and so many more connections. People find networking and socializing (connect) through social media. Are they really connecting though?

Books and scripts are meant to connect us to our history, but in an era where we are supposed to be connected everywhere, constantly, how is it that we are losing the connection to our emotions, traditions and ultimately the essence of ourselves?

In our world, consumption and appearance seem to overtake our scope of thinking. Would disconnection from material things or an image mean to disconnect from the world? On the other hand, a connection to something or someone can also open the door to connecting to yourself, to your own identity.

So how much do we need to disconnect to connect or how much do we need to connect to disconnect?

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