From a very young age, Ali Hassan had such a great love for calligraphy that after graduating from Qatar University with a history degree, he used his knowledge to enhance his work as a calligrapher and even began exploring new artistic skills.  He started to experiment with printmaking and mixed media and eventually created his own unique style of art.  He started with black-and-white Arabic calligraphy and gradually turned to very colorful interpretations of a single Arabic letter (ā€˜nā€™ noon).  

The single letter is the main subject of the artwork, yet he generally adds minute details randomly spread about, namely short poetic verses.  The single letter has become his signature style. And according to him, it demonstrates how one letter alone can be powerful enough to showcase the immense beauty and art of the Arabic language.  His work has been seen in many galleries and art institutions, namely the British Museum in London and the Los Angeles County Museum.