Born in the village of Sangsar, Iran, Reza’s artwork is rooted in the traditions and heritage of his homeland.  Although he does explore and reinterpret form and style, he remains loyal to his origins and constantly uses and references it in his work.  The pomegranate and fig trees are a theme that occurs over and over again as do flower and birds.  He works mostly on oil, a medium that gives his work a kind of historical quality, and also does some mixed media. In some works, he overlays thick layers of paint onto digital prints mounted on canvas.  Although his palette may change from one painting to another, the color red is constant, the color of blood, wine, and the ripest of fruit. 

His subjects are idealistic and depict a world at its most delightful.  His works generally have a historic presence in Iran.  He modernizes their compositions though he stays true to the elimination of perspective and the vibrancy of colors.  But the aim is for the viewers to make new discoveries even in the works not based on a story.  The aim is for them to make their own interpretations. 

He begins each piece with an open mind and unless he is trying to create something specific, he laces random splashes of paint directly onto the canvas.  He looks for accidents like a melody that is suddenly heard and regardless of what he paints, a connection must always be made, a feeling created about the work.