Born in Sudan in 1957, Rashed Diab studied at the College of Fine Arts in Khartoum and was awarded grants for the completion of University Madrid to further his Masters degree and PHD.   His canvases invite the viewer to large planes of vibrant colors and silhouettes in the African desert. Diab's work reflects a synthesis of his Sudanese heritage and an awareness of contemporary artistic developments in Europe. His imagery and symbols range from Arabic illuminations and calligraphic designs, animals, human figures, traditional folk and historical motifs, to mythical and mask-like African motifs. This is illustrated not only in his etchings and paintings, but also in his rarely exhibited but successful experiments in other artistic media such as furniture and interior design. Diab's distinct use of calligraphy and calligraphic designs can be seen in several of his works where the written word becomes part of the overall design and the Arabic letter forms acquire an independent aesthetic value. Diab's experience in Spain has certainly enriched his art work. He has moved to new mediums, studied and mastered techniques such as silk screening and etching.